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Tate's Gluten-Free Cookies

All of the deliciousness you expect from Tate’s Bake Shop, only gluten-free! Bite into scrumptious gluten free cookies like Chocolate Chip, luscious Double Chocolate, bright and buttery Ginger Zinger, and taste our fudgy gluten free Brownies. Each treat is produced in our dedicated gluten free facility and is certified by the Celiac Sprue Association.

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Oh, SOOOO Good!!
By Muhsketchy on September 29, 2013
First I must confess that I am not normally a fan of crispy cookies. Something soft, say like a Snickerdoodle or even better something hot and gooey, fresh from the oven. When you just want to have a cookie NOW, you can't always be a purist. That's where 'store bought' cookies come in.

I was searching the aisles of Luci's Cafe and Shoppe (gag right, Shoppe!)for gluten free cookies which also happened to taste better than the packaging they came in. Sadly for my sweet tooth, but great for my hips, Glutinos and Pamela's have been pretty much it around here for anyone forced to avoid wheat flour. The manager very helpfully showed me around all the gluten free items...yeah, that took all of a minute. I say very helpfully because he highly recommended Tate's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.

These cookies are thin and crispy, loaded with chocolate chips. I am not talking about the dry, not all that, chocolate chips you might find in Chips Ahoy or most of the other brands on the supermarket shelves. Nope, these chips are soft and chocolatey to the point where you just have to lick the chocolate off your fingers when you are done. Or you could use a napkin, but that won't be as much fun or taste as good! I'm not going to say that Tate's are better than, or even as good as, fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies. No, but they are a whole lot better than any other gluten free cookie I've tasted. More than that, they taste just as good as any of the BEST prepackaged chocolate chip cookies made with wheat flour...and that's saying something. Each package contains two sleeves with seven cookies each. Okay, not a whole lot of cookies but at least you won't have to feel too guilty if you eat a whole sleeve. Happy thoughts.
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A few weeks ago, I was at a neighbor's house and they offered me a bowl containing these and one other variety of gluten-free cookies. I am a huge sweets addict and chocoholic, but usually don't care for pre-packaged cookies. It speaks volumes, then, that I wanted to keep eating these...AND that I went out and bought my own bag!

If you like your chocolate chip cookies crispy, then you're in for a treat. If you don't, these may take a little getting used to, but I found them quite delicious. The cookie part tastes almost carmelized and the chocolate chips are generous.

I purchased these in the gluten-free section of my regular grocery store (SuperFresh); they were NOT in the cookie aisle. Also note that this seller is charging a hefty shipping fee. I suggest that you try to buy them locally first.

Ingredients: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, rice flour, butter, cane sugar, brown cane sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt, xantham gum and water.

The bag indicates that these cookies are made in a "dedicated gluten-free facility" and that no GMOs have been detected. Tate's cookies are made in the USA.

While I have not been diagnosed with a gluten allergy and therefore don't HAVE to eat gluten free, I do really like that these cookies are also low in sodium, sugar and carbs when compared to a non-gluten-free packaged cookie
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Awesome cookie!
By Sue on March 25, 2014
These are the best gluten free store bought cookies I have found so far. They are buttery tasting, crisp (but not hard or crumbly) and have lots of soft, gooey chocolate chips! As for pricing, I found them at a local (usually expensive) grocery store for $5.99. I swear they were $4.99 last month so I decided to check Amazon's price. Well, they are $9 a bag here so I would definitely shop around locally first.

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amazing gf cookies
By Elizabeth H. Owyang on August 21, 2013
My teenage son loves these cookies. As of Dec 1, he has been on a gluten free diet for migraine related vertigo.
One of his triggers seems to be gluten. We have tried every gf cookie around and these are the tops.
We were able to purchase them at Safeway.

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Bakery Quality
By Chris O'Donnell on August 16, 2013

These are the best GF cookies I have ever found. They remind me of cookies we got from the local bakery in my childhood. There is nothing about the taste that would make me believe they are GF. They were delivered with such excellent packing that not a singe cookie was broken (cannot say the same for those I bought at Safeway).
I also found they soften up with a bit of moisture and seem fresh baked.

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Gluten Free Cookies By Robert T. Alvarez on February 21, 2014
These are the best commercial chocolate chip cookies I ever had. My wife has Celiac issues so she eats Gluten Free.. I purchased both the Gluten Free and Tate's regular chocolate cookies and I can hardly tell the difference.