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Gluten Free and gluten free foods are the only products sold at Glutensolutions.com. We aim to be your solution for living gluten free, wheat free and casein free!
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The Gluten–free diet is essential for people with Celiac Disease, Autism, Gluten Sensitivity and GLuten Intolerances of many kinds: Find More info and videos here!

Autism GFCF for Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Gluten Intolerance and Gluten Sensitivity!

Our Mission
"To offer wheat-free and gluten-free foods that bring the variety, taste, and nutrition back into the lives of those who are allergic to wheat, are gluten intolerant, or have Celiac Disease."

DISCLAIMER: Read all ingredients carefully before consuming any product offered on this web site. Manufacturers can change ingredients or manufacturing processes without notification or warning. Gluten Solutions will not assume liability for any cross contamination of ingredients, misprints, or adverse reactions to any ingredients in the products we carry.

Gluten Solutions operates like your local grocery store, except that we offer only wheat-free and gluten-free food products, recipe books, and related items to aid the gluten-free lifestyle. Since we hope to become your exclusive dietary provider, go ahead and bookmark us in your list of favorites so you can easily come back again. Once you find the items you would like to purchase and place them into your Shopping Basket, we will instantly process your order and then mail it to your front door.

By consolidating your order into one shipment, we can ensure that you get the lowest overall shipping charges and can guarantee that your products arrive quickly and safely. Plus, you can be assured that your entire order will arrive at the same time. Even if you order products from several of our different manufacturers, we make sure the whole order arrives to your front doorstep on time, every time. Also, we process all major credit cards on our secure server, to ensure absolute safety in the authorization and processing of your order.

We are building our inventory to include foods from several of the most established gluten-free manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Europe, and we are always on the lookout for more. In addition, we offer the latest gluten-free cook books filled with all your favorite recipes.