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Since gluten-free eating is a lifelong commitment, we aim to become your lifelong partner in healthy eating. Our customers are everything to us, so please take a moment to read what some of our valued customers have to say about us.

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"Thank you for the confirmation of the order and for the prompt delivery. Very good service!" -- Sharon

"Thanks! I have placed an order and was excited to see Chreese on your site. I've been wanting to try it. I really like your variety and the clarity with which you indicate if things are gfcf. Thanks for your service...I do hope you continue to have success!" -- Nancy

"I loved your website, and all the information on. My son is autistic, and we were told about dairy and gluten free foods. Your website answered a great many of our questions" -- Julie

"I don't know if you've checked out Gluten Solutions but they carry a really great line of products -- some that you can't find anywhere else. They also have great customer service. I placed an order last Thursday and received everything on Tuesday (and, no, I didn't ask for a rush order!!)." -- Sally

"Thanks ever so much for sending the extra petzels Priority Mail!! Talk about service!! You have won the hearts of 2 CD-er's by your excellent service to your customers." -- Jill

"I was pleased with how easy it was to order online and how quickly I received the order." -- Rita

"Thank you so much for your reply. I re-submitted my order, and got confirmation that it went through. I can't wait until my order arrives! You have a great site. Glad I found you." -- Susan

"Thank you so much for your e-mail. I was pleased to see that you take such an interest in your customers. I certainly do plan to place an order soon and will take your suggestion for the Galletas and Schar Cioccolini. I do have a problem with a lot of foods as far as taste, but I certainly will try these. Thank you!" -- Jacob

"I received my order today. I would like to thank you. The food is great. I haven't had spaghetti for over a year and it was fantastic. I don't think anyone would know it was gluten free. The pretzels were also great. I can't wait to try the other products. I will make sure that I spread the word in my community of your site. I call on physicians in this area and will include your site with information on Celiac Sprue." -- Kyle

"I visited your website. There is a lot of very good information. This is the first website that I have visited of its kind." -- Debbie

"Thank you for your splendid service: I ordered on Friday online and received the box on Tuesday, just in time to cook for Thanksgiving." -- Jane

"Thank You so much for your quick response. I have ordered the products for my nephew Jordan who is 4 and suffers from celiac disease. We are just so thrilled to finally find bread and pasta that he can eat. We were going to order the pizza shell (another food he really wants) but the ingredients listed yeast and he cant have yeast either. He would love to have pizza. He also would love to have macaroni & cheese, so elbow noodles are something he misses." -- Gretchen

"Wow! What service. My brownies and pasta were delivered yesterday (Wednesday). I only ordered them last Monday. Everything was correct. I made the brownies last night and they were the best I've ever had. I took them to the office today and didn't tell anyone they were a "specialty" food item. Everyone gobbled them up. Dan liked them so much he got on your web site to check it out and see what else you had! He said it was a great web site." -- Betsy