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Maxine's Heavenly Vegan Cookies

Our Story

Inspired by his mother's tasty cookies, Maxine's Heavenly founder Tim Miller wasn't willing to sacrifice the delicious taste he remembered as a kid on his quest to turn her recipe into a healthier, guilt-free vegan treat!

We know that vegan doesn't always mean healthy and that's why we put a lot of work into selecting only the highest quality, healthy ingredients that make you smile, without weighing you down.

Loaded with tasty gluten-free oats, nutrient-rich rice & oat flours, and coconut sugar to keep the glycemic index low, we've brought the latest health trends together into one delectable treat. Maxine's Heavenly- finally a healthy vegan cookie that tastes too good to be true!

Who is Maxine?

Maxine was the kind of cook and baker who knew the unlimited playful potential of combining flavors, tastes and ingredients in all kinds of ways. An avid reader, she thrilled in sifting through newspapers and magazines from cover to cover in search of new recipes to inspire her own creations.

Maxine's widely popular holiday chocolate chip cookies were the inspiration for Maxine's Heavenly Vegan Cookies and was one of many recipes she tweaked to a perfected bliss! Knowing so much more about the nutrition of certain foods and the value of a food-conscious lifestyle, it was our top priority to preserve the incredible taste and love behind every bite while translating the recipe into a modern, healthy delight!

With all the recipes Maxine had up her sleeve, who knows what tasty creation will follow our delicious vegan cookies?!

Our Philosophy

We believe that a powerful life is fueled by food that is wholesome, nutritionally rich, and easy to digest. We believe that every meal needs a little button at the end and that desserts don't have to be void of nutritional value or accompanied by guilt.

That's why we developed a treat that can satisfy any sweet tooth without sacrificing a personal sense of well-being.

We vow to stay on the forefront of nutritional research and keep our cookies reflecting just that!

Our Ingredients

We're proud of each of our ingredients.

Everything that goes into our recipes was hand-selected with great care and research.
Find out a little more about about the basics in each cookie.

Rich in soluble fiber, studies have consistently shown that oats can help reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, and are rich in antioxidants. Even better, those who can't eat gluten, can enjoy hearty gluten free oats.

Gluten free oat flour contains all of the benefits of oats, but in an easily digestible form. Unlike processed white or wheat flour, oat flour tastes great while packing a nutritional punch.

Sourced from the whole rice grain, brown rice is unprocessed and contains the nutrient rich side hull and bran of the original grain. This natural wholeness is rich in thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium.

This no brainer substitute to processed sugars (and other sweeteners like agave) is low on the Glycemic Index, making it a delicious and smart alternative. Rich in potassium and iron, it's just as delicious as traditional brown sugar.

Although it has many positive health attributes, flax seeds owe their reputation to three primary components: Omega 3 essential fatty acids, lignans and fiber.